Friday, 10 December 2010

winter blues

this week has been bad.

with only 13 days to go until our new baby is here, we have all been struck down with the winter vomiting virus..and it is hell.

norovirus, go look it up wouldn't wish it on anyone. and although i got over mine (as in stopped being sick) on tuesday, it is now friday and i still feel like hell and both my boys have it too. so far tonight they have both been throwing up for five hours straight and neither want me to leave them - which is sweet, but, i am VERY pregnant and don't know how much longer i can stay awake, plus the scrubbing of sick out of clothes and carpets is a touch tiring now..but i don't want to sound mean. i love my boys and will stay awake with them until they are both shiny and new.

in a brief advertising type-moment. trugs have saved the day/week/year . if you don't know what a trug is then go and find out right now..there are about a squillion uses for a trug and in this house we couldn't cope without them. they are laundry baskets, plant watering devices, sick buckets, car washing buckets, planters for vegtables in the summer, toy storage...and many many more. tonight our lounge is full of sicky trugs, but they are still awesome in all their colourful glory! thank you trug!

it does make you think about how lucky we are to have such simple things as clean water and flushing toilets. without clean running water to rehydrate you, norovirus would be a killer. so i have spared a thought and will do something this winter to support a country or town that doesn't have such a luxury..

in other news i donated a bunch of my knitwear to a 'help the heroes' auction which happened yesterday. it was a pretty impressive sale and they raised over £5000 (not all from knitwear) so they must be amazingly proud of themselves.

i finally finish work on monday for maternity leave..i shall miss it you know. a friend text me today with a possible exciting job next year. i shall say no more but i REALLY hope it will happen as it would be such a laugh and everything i could want. funny where some balls of wool and knitting needles can take you.

anyway, it is late and i have a big human man-boy and a very poorly little human boy-boy to take care of, so goodnight, keep safe and enjoy your christmas if i don't make it back to say it again by then!

love and stuff.x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Oh! it's been a while

Sorry about that... Life threw me a curveball this year, my strange higgledypiggeldy family is expanding by one at Christmas, December 23rd to be precise..a smaller and slighty more quiet version of me and he! How exciting.

So, since we last spoke..well, I had to give knitting a long break as the past seven months I have been busy inspecting the inside of my toilet bowl more often that I would've liked. In fact, I got so used to hanging upside down inside the toilet bowl I did begin to wonder if I was part-bat? Wilf got loads better, his jaw fixed and he now looks very much like a slightly fatter, smilier, slightly fluffier version of a smudgy cloud. Bean grew a whole year older and is now 9! Woah!

And to work, well I decided it was about time. 'He' (very kindly) bought me a little website to tinker with for my birthday (which isn't until the end of this month) So I can have my very own little space to list my curiosities and cumbersome knits :)

I will be updating my new site with new items as often as a spherical pregnant person can be doing on a daily basis... just to warn you, my head is all over the place so if it takes a little time or i accidentally knit a cat into your wintery scarf, then i am awfully sorry but you can be sure the cat will have the most perfect manners and the very softest of yarn

Until next time my woolly friends..xx