Friday, 23 March 2012

Have you seen me lately?

There is something wrong with me. Who would have thought that at the age of 32 and a quarter, I would be sat in the dark, in my bed, greedily soaking in Gardener’s World on demand? I’m simply melting in the colours of the flowers,  day (night) dreaming about my future garden and how wonderful it will be when I am as good a gardener as Monty Don, always wellybooting about the place in my chunky knit jumper, wildly wielding a wobbly well-worn wheelbarrow and wearing a gleeful grin on my weathered face..all the while my over-exuberant dog bounds about me in the glistening spring sun.

Sitting in front of gardening shows in my bed is pretty bad BUT I also must confess to  be sat here pinning pictures of gardens and homes for what must have been HOURS on Pinterest..It’s an obsession now. You would never have guessed that this bed-dwelling garden-luster was a drunken party wreck some (ok, many) years before. My nineteen year-old self just rolled her eyes and disowned me!

But all this fantasising about gardens and outdoorsyness makes me turn my mind to my own garden, it is a stinking wreck of a place and I want to write about it a bit in order to keep a record of what I have done out there. It’ll be good to look back for motivation to move forward and to see the progress I *WILL* make. Since moving in almost a year ago and writing my previous blog about my new garden it has somehow managed to get even worse, I’d go as far as saying it is hellish. You have been warned! There will be blogs, many of them. Read them if you dare! Haha..sorry.

Also, as if I weren’t granny-ish enough with all this garden talk, I have just made a date with my soon-to-be sister -in –law (now that’s a lot of hyphens) to have tea and biscuits at her house at ten- thirty tomorrow morning. How civilised! I am a virtual Hyacinth Bucket these days. Shameful, I tell thee.

I am glad to report that after my last post both my brother and my nephew have been growing stronger and although there have been some terribly upsetting and stressful moments (so far) things are going ok and we all are holding our breath, and keeping our fingers crossed that things will work out for the best soon.

Tomorrow is date 3 of our twelve dates of the year! I have done a frankly shocking job of reporting back on how they went. I am going to do that soon, I promise. Both of the first two dates,Pitt Rivers Museum

and Avebury Manor

...were awesome and the locations deserve a good write-up. I shall blog about them both at some point this coming week. Then I shall blog the most recent one sometime after that.  

So anyway, this is a rather pointless blog in the grand scale of blogs and importance but I feel like I just have to check in. I have rather fallen off my blogging perch recently and my project 365 is now rather more like project 287 or something like that. I must buck-up my ideas.

TaTa for now lovely ones xxx

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