Friday, 13 April 2012

Unfinished Business

Isn’t it lovely, this time of year? Despite the rain and clouds we’ve had of late! As I sit here at 8:07pm the view from my window is that of a garden bursting into bloom, the dusk is falling over trees that are abundant with new leaves and growth..oh, it is wonderful. I can hear a bird singing its final song before lucky I feel to live somewhere in the country with such lovely things to admire.

Today I half-heartedly cleaned out the area surrounding my desk. Underneath there was all manner of unfinished crochet projects. I am not sure if it is just me or if everyone who crochets or crafts does this, but I seem to start a project with excitement and power through about 80% only to lose the wind from my sails come the end and there it is, my almost finished project discarded at the bottom of my ‘to do’ basket. And it sits there, looking at me, and I resent it the project I was once so excited about. It sits like homework or chores or an unwanted ex-boyfriend.

I am not sure what to do with them (my unfinished business) really, we have an unfinished baby blanket for a friend who doesn’t want to have gender specific colours – but this blanket ended up looking so girly I quit it.

Then we have the next bunch of squares and rows for the non-gender specific blanket, but I didn’t have enough shades of blue or red so it also got dropped.

Then my eldest son’s Christmas 2012 blanket, which hasn’t been forgotten but I haven’t made squares for it in ages and I am not very excited by it to be honest, it's meant to be block colours and boyish..It might just be dull?

There is also the Attic24 flower cushion which I loved making but I lost count of the stitches and then when I got back round to making it I sort-of lost the love for the colours. Perhaps I will do a bit more on that one later on tonight. I also need to buy another cushion pad for it as I stole its pad for my liberty round cushion I made (and love)

We also have a few gloves and mittens (one of each) some random squares that have been left over from other projects, an unfinished snood for my friend who is visiting in two weeks, bunting for my kitchen, the back of the flower cushion, also unfinished and a lovely collection of cream and various coloured squares which I have sewn together ready to be the topper for an ottoman I am redecorating and using in Baby F’s room, there are probably WAY more unfinished bits, but for now, that is all I can face owning up to. It is shameful.

I frequently visit Heather at Little Tin Bird and Lucy at Attic24 and I am impressed by their ability to do one job at a time and not have tons of unfinished (unloved) projects on the go; how do they do it?

How do you get through your projects without giving up?

Well, dusk has turned to dark and Baby F is falling asleep so I guess that is my prompt to begin my night of crafting, perhaps I’ll finish one of those pesky projects, who knows?

Bfn xx
Ps..The last bird tweeted at me at 8:29 - you know he's gone home for Gardener's World!

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