Saturday, 12 December 2009

christmas is looming over us like a big shimmery snow cloud full of wonderful prezzies, ready to burst at any moment!!

the salt dough is out, shaped and painted..

the lights are up and the tree needles are wildly scattered all over the carpet like hidden stealthy soldiers bayonets, ready to stab you in your unsuspecting christmas socks at any given moment. this savage act is to remind you that they've fallen off the tree just in time to make some cunning space for those last few christmas presents you'd forgotten to wrap and place there carefully in preparation for the big day.

the bank account is looking empty enough to make you do a little tummy flip and hope that the bill people are in a kind mood this month! after all..we're all forking out this month...13 days and counting..and breathe..spend, spend, spend!!

oh my GODD, i've just remembered i am allowed to watch scrooge now, it's december! i am SO going to put that on to work to in a bit..this afternoon i am going to try and teach myself how to crochet and i am going to knit my little boy a scarf as he has been asking me for months and i am always so busy i never get time..poor old boy.

i think i will make him a wintery blanket too (if and when i get the time..i love him. i may also knit him some kind of amazing cat...yey! handmade presents are the this too long to have in brackets?) and some other things like decorations for the tree.

i've just finished a big plate of steaming bubble and squeak made from the left-overs of our roast dinner t'other was splendid - i must say :)

this morning we (he, i and our friends aubrey) awoke early and drove (in good time) to get to our local market/jumble sale...we fought fiercely through the determined grannies and bossy old men to get to this market/jumble sale, that is (to be very polite) held only just at the seams's MANIC! it would seam that every third saturday of each month absolute lunatics gather together and race about and fight and push, and jab each other just to grab the nearest bargain..??

when we arrived (on time - about four hours too late it would seem) we reached the car park spot and a kind (obviously deranged) man in a tangerine security coat advised us to drive at great speed, without stopping so as to not get stuck in the mud (quagmire) before arming ourselves with knee and elbow pads, long swords, crossbows and cycle helmets and to get on into the kerfuffle of fighting to get a looksie at the goods.

it was like a bare knuckle fight to just get one point an old man (possibly a walking christmas pudding in a wax jacket and hunting cap) used his, what can only be described as 'circumference' to wade on in and bound me out of his way like a giant waxy tweed buoy bobbing about in the sea bashing away a poor unsuspecting dinghy or a little wave that might just be quietly swooshing along BASH, CRUSH, BOOOF! good god!!..i was bashed this way and that, and at one point a small french child tried to actually climb into my womb (i am almost certain)

she appeared from between my legs as if i were the virgin mary and she was the baby jesus trying to climb back in as he had possibly changed his mind and this madness was all just a bit much.

...non, zees iz not ze way l'ittle one! get out!

i swiftly gave birth to her again and removed her from the stable and pointed her towards the woman in the blue cloak stood outside next to the little donkey - vamoosh frenchie i gots a fight to be getting on with!

a short while later i emerged from this oap boxing ring armed with a bloody nose, a broken leg, missing teeth and a GORGEOUS patchwork quilt.. hand-stitched with stunning old floral fabrics and silks, four velvet and tapestry cushions, two cute (stamped and signed) brass deer for the christmas mantle, knitting needles, crochet hooks, a west german signed planter and a wonderful gift for an old friend of mine..this must remain secret as she may read this and that just wouldn't do! 'he' managed to find a brown tank top, three nice old jumpers and a (hilarious) prezzie for his bro, before giving up and waiting at the hot meat stand..he did well, i could see him losing the will to live after about the first hour of fighting to walk around.

anyway, so i am pleased with the little swag bag of goodies we bought and in a short while i am going to dress the house in our new finds and knit the afternoon away..and possibly have another black tea and maybe put the heating on - shhh!

happy (nearly) christmas y'all..hope you have a wonderful time and gifts..


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