Friday, 27 November 2009

busy times

I'm pleased to say that Wilf pulled through his surgery well and is slowly recovering on the sofa at home. He seemed very poorly yestreday but has perked up today and managed to eat a lot and watch some rubbish morning television and sleep a lot. He seems very pleased to be home.

Today we went back to the vet and he got to have a walk outside with me (he was in a basket) he enjoyed looking around and seeing what was going on but he didn't much like the traffic..we have decided (me and him) that living somewhere very quiet (without cars, say in the country) will be on the card for 2010.

I went for a meeting in London a shop called Rokit. I met with a lovely lady to talk about becoming part of the designers looks very promising. If it all goes ahead you will be able to buy my items from their online store..yey! This pleases me cos Rokit are a very popular vintage shop/label and it would be a wonderful very happy with that!

So, all in all life is ticking over nicely today...let's hope it sails on into the weekend..happy weekend everyone.x

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