Tuesday, 17 November 2009

strange brew

it's been an odd week.

good tinged with bad, actually..more like bad tinged with good.

me and 'he' bought a kitten when we first were together..we called him wilf. wilf was the best behaved boy you could ever hope to meet. he just slept and cuddled and was gentle and kind and wouldn't hurt a fly. this week wilf vanished. he hasn't come back..we have flyered and looked everywhere..he never left our sides for more than a few hours in his life. it's so sad. i miss him. i am hoping he has just gone to party with a lovely pretty lady-cat...but i'm not so sure.

come home wilf.. :(

and the good..life is moving on in good ways too. don't really feel like now is the time to talk about it. but positive things lie ahead. . . which is lovely. i'm working hard to keep my mind off it and i'm thinking positive..

i hope he comes home.

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