Wednesday, 25 November 2009

fate - part 2

( this is wilf)

i am elated.

wilf (my missing cat) came home in the early hours of this morning..

it's funny how these things happen. i'd had a terrible day and was feeling so low and down about things and 'he' came in from recording with his band and sat on the arm of the sofa.

there is nothing unusual about this but this time 'he' left the front door open and that never 'he' sat on the arm of the sofa and chattered to me about how rubbish things were and how things had to get better soon we both heard a meow.

we thought we had imagined it...

we've both been absolutely devestated about wilf. felt like we had let him down and that we could've done a better job keeping him safe, so when we heard a meow we both jumped up...but nothing.

we wondered if it had been on the tv, lawyer film on - no not the tv.

i thought it had come from the chimney..'he' looked outside and as we both spoke about which direction it had come from we heard it again..meow

louder again MEOW

i called wilf's name and in the manic wind and rain i heard him meow louder.. 'he' went outside and looked around and finally, under some old tarpaulin, behind a bike... was wilf! i cried and my heart broke into a million pieces..his face was all smashed up and bloody and his right eye swollen to double it's size. he had dry blood all over his face and his body was skeletal..he stank of wee and was too weak to stand.

i picked him up and it was clear he had lost all of his teeth and his jaw was badly broken, he was covered in filth but i just hugged him gently and brought him inside.

wilf, being wilf, started to purr and rub his broken bloody face all over me and 'him' he seemed so so happy that we had found him and that he was ok ...i couldn't stop crying, i was so pleased to see him and so sad he was in such a way. i had been sure he was dead...he started to drink the water we put down for him and began to purr so loudly it was like an engine.

he isn't dead!!!

we rushed him to the vet in the very early hours of this morning and they said he has lost half of his entire body weight and he is dehydrated..he was sweet and calm and rolled over for the vet to look at him. we brought him home after some pain killers and the vet arranged for him to go into sugery first thing to have x-rays and operations to fix him.

i have never been so happy...he is alive

when we got in he managed to get downstairs to say hello to rowan the dog..and sage the cat. they all were so happy to be together again. it was so lovely to see how happy they were to see him

so this morning, we took him to the vet after we'd all had about three hours sleep. the vet was lovely and said that he had to wire his bones back together and take some x-rays and give him fluid and anti-biotics, pain killers and check his diaphragm, lungs, heart, bladder and brain..then he would make him stable and hopefully we can have him home later today..

so we await the news of his x-rays and operation and keep our fingers crossed that our boy is going to be better soon..

the vets bill is enormous..i am going to have to sell ten times the amount i am to make a dent in the amount, but i will, because i am lucky to have 'him' and to have wilf back home again..

now let's keep our fingers crossed and see what the news is by 2pm


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