Monday, 23 November 2009

monday monday

oh it's been a long weekend. i'm literally aching from head to toe and i have no idea why. i didn't go out..i did work on new designs until one or two am fri, and sat
............ and last night i couldn't sleep. boo

it's been a fun weekend though..i did another photo shoot with my friend aubrey and got some more ideas for things to make whilst doing it. next on the menu is bow tie pins and bow tie hair clips..going to make some today and see what they look like.

on saturday i went to the 'good' charity shops with 'him' and the pickings were really rather slim to say the least..but i did find 2000 grams of poodle wool dated to 1961 still in its wrapper..i jumped at the chance to get it and although it's colour isn't for everyone, i bashed out the quirkiest piece of knitwear to date and i have to say...i rather like an odd 'do i like it?' kind of way
(please excuse the free light bulb i got with the wool - how random)
was also very pleased to have ordered my first clothes labels and 'business' cards
i say 'business' cos it is still just a really full-on hobby but i have a few meetings soon so watch this space...things may be about to get more interesting!
so on to work today...although not too sure how. sage, my other (non-stolen, extra-stupid) cat is sat on my hands as i type, she is furiously head-butting my hands for attention so perhaps back to work soon... :)
have a good day

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