Thursday, 19 November 2009


god, it's just limp wet fish in this house today..proper bottom-dwelling grumpy old woman land.

it's been one of those predictable wet and windy days again.
motivation should be at an all-time high but energy has been pretty darn low. i feel like a sack of potatoes left out in the rain with slugs all over it like disgusting shimmery brooches.
in an effort to gain energy and feel more productive i tidied my work space and watched the sky change from light bluster blue to dark grumbly blue (to match my mood) shortly after that it reached a defeated washed out and denim and granny-white tights colour.. then the light went away as it was too annoyed to illuminate such a crap selection of colours.
i junked another scarf today (magenta) and am adding it to the giant racing green effort i am making. strangely the two colours go together like paula abdul and a cartoon cat. i think they are really rather special (the colours, not paula and the cat) and am happy with that at least (grumble gruble..urrgh) just feel so lacklustre and grizzly, i can barely draw the energy to knit another row..wonder what is up with me?
i know i am annoying myself whinging so i shall hush now and hope tomorrow has a happier day ready for me :)

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