Friday, 13 November 2009


below you can see some pictures of my work space in its usual messy state.

the black tea (no sugar) and eye watering mix of colours and patterns..the messy piles of wool and needles and cameras and computers and wires!!! the shifty old dummy...well, the dummy is called manny, it was peeling and gross and cream/mould and brown coloured when i got it. i painted it and sprayed it with glitter and it lives (reasonably happily) in my bedroom. where i only tend to dress it in knitwear and the occasional wet towel or coat if its terribly unlucky.

the mix of colours, patterns and half-painted walls in here at the moment is giving me a headache and at some point before christmas i am going to have to take a day off and paint the buggers the same colour to minimise the headspin effect. as for the patterns..that is just something i can't seem to avoid. a friend of mine says i look like i giant five year old that has rolled in her granny's dressing up box..that i give ugly betty's colours and patterns a run for their money! of course, i think this is a compliment!

earlier i read a very pretentious interview with a lady whos knitting i admire a lot..i wondered ' am i enough of a 'poser' to be doing this?'..i don't have a bowl-cut or a vast 80s wardrobe of things i hated wearing as a child..i definitely have too many boobs for fashion and my music taste is always leaning towards wrongun rather than right-on! anyway, give a crap..her work was awesome and i began to wonder if i will ever be good enough to do a ponsy posey interview of my own - doubtful! perhaps i will don some white tights and granny shoes and see if i can knit a little 'cooler'?

i'm junking a whole bunch of my early knits today. i am sick of looking at them and forking out for new wool when really i could just use their wool and make them into something new and interesting..i have an abundance of light blue chunky wool..i'm not sure i like it (i don't) might knit one big giant garment and (hopefully) get rid of it soon. was going to make a blanket for bean (my son) but i don't think i can inflict such a colour on a man child of almost double figures..he's too old for baby blue! and 'he' would look like a bear in a babygro so that's a definite no-no (although funny to think about)

i know it is common for people to start dreaming of their work once they have been doing it for a matter of time..i have now been knitting so frequently that everything i look at is turning into various stitches and colours..i can't think of yellow without describing it in my head as ochre or mustard..must take a break and immerse self in some kind of brain rest...


edinburgh soon..will knit self a HUGE scarf to hide inside...shit! there i go again.

bloody knitting.

Oh..and a cartoon of me has been created..only thing is it looks nothing like me and my hair is blonde!!?!?!?!!? i'll post it here for giggles...i look like a seagullllll! funny!

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