Monday, 28 February 2011

Romancing the home

Yeah! We made an offer on the tumble down house, and after 3 days of faffing about trying to scrape extra money out of thin air, we managed to stretch ourselves to an offer the owners deemed reasonable. So, the next day we (our family) and our extended family, all jumped in our cars and went to the house to look around (the poor estate agent!) We all got rather excited and the neighbouring house's curtains twitched so frequently I wondered if they were in fact trying to communicate by semaphore?

The house was just like I remembered, Tall, narrow, pale and full of potential but falling apart of the seams everso slightly...think like a vintage dress that has been loved but is just starting to look tatty enough to that. I love it. The garden is glorious and overgrown and the house is a time warp, slightly innocent looking but there is a proudness hidden under the tired old wallpaper and paint.

Upstairs there are 3 good sized bedrooms, two at the back with no carpet and radiators, plaster so cracked it could be a secret map of the london underground and some gorgeous old 1920s floral nets which will be taken down and dyed minty green and put up in my kitchen as curtains/door panels. The kitchen is a place that time forgot, the floor is sunken and the walls all over theplace with badly boxed in pipes and layer upon layer of floral wallpaper peeling back like the pages of an old, wet Laura Ashley catalogue.The poor excuse for a bathroom standls lonely just outside the kitchen walls, with only a narrow hallway to connect it, within the narrow hallway are old school hooks for coats and a gorgeous old bakelite light switch..I will be keeping that. The size of the bathroom..ok, wet room (there is no bath) isn't great but it will do for now, do for drying clothes when no one is, showering and for washing the dog in - grubby little boy., but it will do and I have grand grand plans for it one day!

Today I have had some luck, a lovely lady was Freecycling a kitchen dresser, so of course I emailed her right away and it turns out she is also getting her kitchen removed today, she offered it to me and I have snapped it up. Not bad for one afternoon of Freecycle trawling. I hope to find a lovely colour paint, paint the units (if they aren't up to scratch - which they might be) and then go on the hunt for a nice work top for cheap or free! I like the idea of covering the one that is already in there with copper sheeting, it is such a cool look.

I also now have to think about my littlest son's new I had a quick search online and ended up finding this rug! (see above) Now what could be cuter than that! Then I thought about what I could do in there and my mind is going wild with ideas..I just can't wait. I know I could be jumping the gun a bit as there are stumbling blocks with regards to the sale, like the survey (it has to value the house at what we will be paying) and the mortgage company definitely saying yes...but these aren't things I am going to worry about ..I will go mad
So to combat madness I am now going out to look for some cute fabric to make hoop wall art for a room, whichever room suits the fabric I find..Will update with more news as soon as I know!
Woo-hoo, keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck!

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