Wednesday, 2 March 2011


What I wouldn't give for

1. lovely straight normal hair that does as it is bloody well bloody told bloody bloody.

2. a nice small chest to fit inside 'normal' girlie clothes instead of a matronly chest, it's not even jayne mansfield large, just hattie jaques...although not as lovely as she was fabulous.

3. a little bag full of a million pound coins to fall out of the sky into my handbag (please)

4. the money to purchase a g plan room divider to put in the house i just paid a shitwedge of money to survey before (hopefully) buying!!
5. patience to find out if the house we are (hopefully) buying, is ours.
6. a studio to do all of my knitting in, a nice one with awesome things in it.
7. a spare £140 to buy the 2 parker knoll chairs I need to match the one I already have..then another 1 to magically turn up so i have a set for my new lounge..where are you?!?!
There are other things but I am late for school and this is bad as I am the mum...I am meant to be on time, it is him that is meant to be late.
My store is dead at the on earth do you get people to visit your etsy store to buy lovely woollen products when it is sunny outside and wool is probs the last thing they need?
hrm..this reminds me, the dog needs a haircut.

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