Monday, 7 March 2011

On the theme of..

..Old man paintings, I bought one as a gift today.

This blog should've been entitled 'Kindness'

This past weekend and today, I have been shown such kind ness and is amazing how lovely people can be.
Last week a nice lady we shall refer to as C, donated her kitchen to me on well known British website, Freecycle. I actually emailed her about something else she was giving away but she read that I needed a kitchen for the new  (falling apart) house and she kindly told me that her kitchen was being removed, so would I like it? She sent photos and then informed me that the lovely, lovely kitchen fitters (who were putting in her new kitchen at the time) would lend us their van so we could transport it all..for free. So to C, thank you SO much. So much kindness and generosity.
To the fitters, also thank you for being trusting and kind.
Then, on to insane art collection is going a bit overboard at the moment, and I was looking for a gift, I stumbled across a lovely painting for my fella

and emailed the (awesome) seller with an was every last penny i had and REALLY more than I should be spending with solicitors and bills and babies etc..but he kindly accepted and was so sweet to talk to. He didn't have to say yes, but he to him, we shall call him K, thank you also. You are amazingly kind.

Not wanting to sound too much like a hippy, but if you can, in your life, make someone else a tiny gesture like those that were made for me, I can honestly tell you, you will make someone so happy. Please do it, I hope it will make you feel happy too.x

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