Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Baby it's COLLLLLLD outsiiiiiide

Gosh, it's blooooody freezing today. After a week or so of lovely, lovely sunny spring weather we are now back to grim grey skies and chunky knitwear (I like that part) and guess what? I've got the stupid, stupid sniffles. Have been sneezing and sniffing and now I definitely have a runny nose...humph.

Today, seeing as it is rubbish and cold, I am going to learn to crochet. Have found a bunch of cool tutorials on YouTube and am GOING to do it. I went out this morning and bought a cute little crochet hook and I obviously have tons and tons of wool (not packed that just yet -can't bear to!) and I intend to learn how to make squares, then make square after square on my cold and boring nights at home (I am imagining there wont be many of those as I am moving to a house with a boiler and lots of lovely fun people and things) when I have not much else to do...ha, yeh.

Look at this beauty from Moxy Crochet
...so so gorgeous..jealous/inspiration!

Right, so I am going to go and find my slippers and make some tea and then get on to making wonderful blankets using only a little metal stick and some sheepies! yehh. bye.x


  1. good luck! i am still learning how to crochet (i am a knitter and i can't seem to give up the two stick deal). hope it warms up! looking forward to seeing your future projects!

  2. Hi Bianca,

    I am a knitter too and the whole one stick thing has stumped me for years (what's it all about?!)..I finally mastered crochet last night and I am going to crochet the hell out of eveything..sadly I can't crochet a warmer sunny day :( But thanks for the warm weather wishes! Love your blog ..I always come there for bright colours and sunshine :)