Thursday, 3 March 2011

Shouldn't buuuut... WOULD!

Everyone has them, right?

I spent aaages last night baking a nice (if you like that sort of thing) coffee and walnut cake for my fella. Personally I think coffee is rank and walnuts are lovely but FAR too fatty, am fat enough already after 2 kids and 74 chocolate bars a week :P

Whilst baking said cake my dog, Rowan and I, listened to music and pondered over our shouldn't but woulds..who are yours?

Mine were:

Dustin Hoffman (coo coo kachoo, mrs robinson - you know what I mean!)

Liam Neeson

Griff Rhys Jones (gah..yum!)

Dexter Fletcher (pictured, whom I have loved since The Press Gang in 1989 - when I was 9/10. Look at Dexter..what a silvery beauty he is)

Rowan's were:




sage, our stupid cat...he is a very confused doggie.
STILL no news about when the survery for our house will be..I have a little egg of nervousness in my tummy. BWAAAKKK..that was my best chicken noise.

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