Friday, 4 March 2011

Shugga-duggga dooo, OOOH, Daddy.

Today I am MAD about the old man paintings you see laying about in charity shops and going for nothing on Ebay/Etsy and so on.

I am bidding on a right old pair of geezers online at the moment, I have such a  warm swollen feeling of love for them in the pit of my stomach, I can just picture (no pun intended) their awesome old man faces above the sofa in my new house. Their beautiful wise old cracked faces, concealed behind their beautiful wise old cracked varnish..mmmm, I love them. I hope they smell old, like the same way old books do (I collect them too)
Anyway, I guess this has to be a very brief post as Shutter Island is on the TV and I quite fancy scaring the shizz out of myself and hiding behind a cushion and the likes. Hopefully a more interesting post tomorrow or sometime soon..maybex

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