Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hey-cro whaddya know!

Welll welllll welllllllllll-lah!

I spent most of yesterday trying and failing SO badly to make a lovely little crochet granny square. I have been determined all my life to be like my mum and be able to just produce awesome knitwear/crochet at the drop of a hat, my mum has got the woollen skills! I sadly do not and knitting is about as exciting as I get (I love it but I WANT to crochet so hard)
So after an entire day of stabbing my fingers, squinting like an old lady over a big ol' steering wheel and cursing a about four pm I finally decided that I was always going to be a total loser and ought to be struck off as an official 'woman'
That I may as well give up and go back to dreaming about crochet and making cute little blankies..sure, I can knit but this crochet malarkey is like winning the lottery for me, I know it is out there, or at least, it is for other people, but for me it is juuust out of as the evening drew closer and I really WAS going to give up and make some dinner for my poor hungry family, honest..then I suddenly got it! Dinner was going to have to wait suckers!


I got it!!! soon after that four oddly shaped squares sat in front of me in a drudgy shade of green, red, yellow? etc,  and I knew, I totally knew that it was love. I looked down at the pathetic little squares all wonky and proud and I went straight to Ebay and sweetly asked (made) 'him' buy me 800g of scrappy DK wool to make into horribly wonky brother and sister squares for my proud little mutant squares, and in turn, my first blanket :)

So this morning (because by now you may have noticed I can't stop with the klepto-like behaviour) I went to the local (I can't ever remember the name of the bloody place..hang on..) not green grocer, no..wait! I went to the local hardware store and there, on the 'shelf' was a fairly crap but colourful collection of wool. Now the man who was in there was new and possibly a weirdo murdery type?? - he had the look y'know slightly serial killery specs, shifty eyes and an enthusiastic comb over

But he was about my age-ish, hrm, I was sure he shaved some hair off to make his comb over..what an odd set-up, why choose to look like this?? I toyed with running away as he went to prop open the door (also known as lock the door and kill me - but he didnt) then he smiled at me in a slightly pitying way as I enquired about his lacklustre wool and told me, very kindly, that I could have 8 balls at 1.85 each, then he said actually some of them are a bit, y'know (? I do?) how about today they are..hmmm 1.50?(said quizzically as if I knew the answer to 1.50?)....Well I wasn't going to argue, I only had about £7 ish quid and so I picked up 6 as I couldn't decide between them and he said, ok how about you tell me how many are there, so I said 6 but I can't afford them all, just choosing the colours. Then he said, ok well what have you got in your hand so I checked my change, told him about £7 ish and he said 'fine'

So I scrabbled around and pulled out the £7ish, thrust it at him whilst making a clear run for the very welcoming exit and yelled 'THANKS'... and  legged it home with my cheap, weird and slightly odd collection of wool. Apart from being scared shatihless in the shop that whole trip was worth it, what a kind and mostly terrifying man, and besides, I could not wait.. it was definitely probably worth it maybe.

Now bearing in mind I am moving to a new (falling down) house in two weeks and it has no storage and I don't know where anything is going to go etc, I am guessing that now is a pretty stupid time to decide to fall in love with crochet and stock up on tons of wool. Bearing in mind I have a knitting shop and a whole room full to the brim with chunky wool and last winter's scarves that are still unsold..possibly not the best timing, but PAH, whatever..I am in love and anyone who stands in the way of me and my weird little squares better watchout!

On another note I was also very pleased because the day before I rescued a (possibly very ugly) 70s raffia grass and leather (what a combo) bag from the charity shop, It was buried under some rather drab old suitcases and a crappy briefcase, bleurgh, who the hell do they think they are! pfft.
Now I knew it was cool in a kind of 70s mum kind of a way but I wasn't sure of what it was going to be for..I contemplated using it as a buggy bag for nappies and the likes but let's be honest, they go UNDER the buggy and usually the buggy bag is for the awesome bits and bobs I find out and no,not for that.. then of course the wonky squares happened in all their glory and so my crochet bag was born..mmm crochet bag, you're so ugly but so cooool!

So yeh, tonight I am up to ten little rainbow squares, they are all the same (ish) shape and I feel proud like a puffy folks, for the first time in my stubborn, giveupperish little life, after 31.5 years and  many a tantrum, I have finally made a crochet square...I am one happy girl :) woo!x

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