Friday, 8 April 2011

Goodbye 96

I just sent my little boy off for his last ever day at his school. we are moving.

Contracts are signed, deals are done, solicitors paid and we are off..I feel a touch sad, there is a lump in my throat and my heart is heavy.

Although it is exciting to move to a new home, and believe me, I have such excitement about it, I do love this house, so much.
It's truly the first ever house I have felt is MY home. I have been here four years and in that time my son has come to the end of his treatment for childhood cancer and (so far) stayed strong (let's all keep our fingers crossed that it's always that way)
I had to start my life as a single mum here and battled through having no money, no one to keep me company, being totally alone in a big old three storey house with weird noises and doors that didn't lock.. at times I was terribly sad about being alone and how my life might always be that way...but throughout that time I found myself, I found friends to hang out with and a lovely home to throw myself in to. People would come and stay, they all felt at home here and it soon became known at Hotel 96! 

.....And then,when i was content with life and really wasn't thinking about things getting any better, I stupidly locked myself out of the house, and by doing so I ended up finding the man who evenetually asked me to be his wife, now we have a child, he has become a father figure to my other child, they are the best of friends and together we have bought a house and we begin a new path together, all of us as a little family. It's such an exciting time but part of me and my heart will definitely remain here at 96.

And so, next Saturday, at the crack of dawn, probably with a heavy heart, I will pack up my entire life made here and move it to 'Hotel 38'

A new start, a new house, a new life, a new canvas to paint..

I want to write more but I don't really feel like today is the day.

Goodbye 96. x


  1. ps..isn't 'moving' the best word for it..because it is, moving.

  2. I'm just scrolling through your blog archives, having a quick look, wanting to have a really good long proper look. You may not be surprised to hear that this post made me have a little cry (in a nice way). Just lovely.