Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Winter Blues

Gosh..I've really come down with it bad.

The Winter Blues.

Why does it happen? Is it not enough light? (probably not as it has been very sunny indeed - stupid sun)

Is it the blistering cold weather? ( yes..humph - stupid cold weather)

But mostly it is because I am ill a-g-a-i-n    (stupid bloody illness)

excellent... I'm so pleased.

This last week or so I have been trying everso hard to make myself perk up by making and doing various things.

I have made a good start on a baby blanket for one of L's old friends
I have made 40 lovely bright circles in squares and stitched them all together to make a new cover for the ottoman window seat in Baby F's room (which is nearly ready for him to move in)

I have travelled the short distance to Oxford to go on my first date of the year with L. We visited Pitt Rivers Museum (I will write a whole blog about that later in the week as it deserves its own blog) Which I must say was tremendous, even if we did get scolded by a scary pop-up-out-of-nowhere guard, for sharing a sneaky cookie in the darkened corners of the museum. Even though it would seem you can't park in Oxford unless you are a bike or a discarded sandwich or a limping pigeon. EVEN if we only had five pounds for the entire day..we had an excellent time.
Here is a picture of a tree stump to prove it!
We saw many, many A-mazing things..but that's for another blog.
I have also found, bought and tarted up a grandad cardigan which was purchased from my local charity shop. It cost £1. It only had a few measley holes in it and so I bought it and fixed the holes. I cut out some heart shapes from felt and attached them to the pockets and elbows and I rocked myself a new grandad-chic cardgian. Yes!
Fixing on hearts
There, all done :)

Then, on the same trip, I found a wonderful tea/coffee set for £3.50 - It absolutely had to be mine as it was:
A, totally my style
B, the right colour for my kitchen
C, the perfect size to sort-of hide where I ripped the tiles off when I moved in and then couldn't afford to replace them (still a problem)

So of course, the set came home with me and now sits in my horrid building site of a kitchen, radiating some 1960s sexy about the place.
Sexxxyyyy, everything about you's so sexxxyyyyyy, you don't even know the wordddss..blah blah blah blah teaaa pottttt..oohhh.

So yeh, anywayyy....

I am also ill...AGAIN (as mentioned before)

This is really annoying me. I have had such terrible tummy ache and headaches for about a week and have spent nearly all week on the sofa with my hot water bottle exhausting Netflix of its crime/mystery dramas.
I have watched all the Poirot, all the Cracker, all episodes of Above Suspicion and now I'm on to Lewis.

It has to be said

"Hello, My name is Nelly and I am a TV murder mystery junkie''

sad but true

Sadly I am nearly out of bad tv dramas to watch and I miss Poirot :( - It's a problem, I know.

So my friends, me and my pathetic feeble immune system are off to fill up the ol' hot water bott and get into bed with Inspector Lewis or DI Anna Travis and feel mighty sorry for ourselves all night.

~ until the next time ~

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