Thursday, 19 January 2012


Firstly..I want to say that I have been unable to comment on other people''s blogs or reply to comments on mine.

This is making me :

a) confused as to why?
b) annoyed - as I like to chat.



I have been rather distracted of late as I have a new Pinterest account and have seemingly managed to forget the world around me exists. I am trying to kick the habit but it wont really work. If you want to see what I keep pinning or want to get an account, click on the 'follow me on pinterest' button (top right) and I will happily send you an invite or stalk your pins, every hour of the day!

Lately I have been wanting a watch. I haven't managed to find one anywhere.

So, in a mad fit of creativity, I crocheted up a bangle and sewed in an old 60s Sekonda watch I had laying around. Excuse the pictures, but what do you think?
It turned out a bit big and so it kinda makes my arm a touch hammy but all-in-all, I like it.
I've got a few more old watches dotted about the place. I think I will make a few more and try to sell them..what are your thoughts? Worth a try?


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