Monday, 9 January 2012


Oh dear..

Today I have LOST my mind searching for a wedding ring that is gorgeous and unusual enough for my eccentric taste. Somehow it was half-past nine and now it is nearly time to leave for school?! How did that happen?

So I have the most beautiful engagement ring ever (let me see if I can find any pics of it) It looks better in person, it is sparkly and cut beautifully. It has also been extensively cleaned and repaired since these pics. I love it.

It is 1950s and has sadly been through the wars (before I got it) Since getting it we have had to spend hundreds on getting it repaired to a standard that is suitable for wear. As a result I have been afraid to wear it in case it breaks. Therefore, I am going to have to retire it and only wear it for special occasions in future.

With my wedding ring I know I want something eye-catching. It has to be blingy-ish. Natural stone, affordable and hard-wearing.

I had been trying for MONTHS to order a simple stacking white gold band set from a truly useless Etsy seller who (shall remain nameless) she just DID NOT want to sell me her stock, her emails were short and her information limited and patronsing at best. How upsetting when you have your heart set on something but the seller just doesn't seem to want to help. Shame.

So, after four months of me emailing for prices and then having to chase her up again and again, I decided that she can keep her rings. It obviously wasn't meant to be and simple was going out of the window in favour of a little bit of natural gemstone BLING.

Why shouldn't a girl have bling? I am not the blingy type but I think, when it comes to making a statement about being joined with the one you love, I want to say it loud and proud. Bling me up.

So my choices are (and some are really not me..but OH, so sparkly and pretty)

       This one - Made by Etsy jeweller Priyanka Sodhi (click the words 'this one' for details)


This one - also made by the same seller as above

They are both rough -cut diamonds, which I think are pretty and understated.

Then I lost my mind a bit and thought that perhaps I ought to go for absolute sparkley twinkle bling..why not?

So I then thought these (green is my favourite colour -hence the choices) might be a nice alternative to a traditional diamond stone?

Both from the seller - JaneysJewels

Then I got a bit over-excited about green sparkly rings so I went to Pinterest to see if anyone else was this way inclined or if I were actually losing my mind. Turns out others are indeed the same way and then I found this...
Uh-oh..a stone that LOOKS like an expensive diamond but ISN'T an expensive diamond..clever
..and diamonds ARE a girl's best friend, right??? hmmm, I had better have a better look around the shop where it came from

Then it was all over for me.

That was it..

You know the pink stone, Morganite, GLOWS IN THE DARK! now, I don't want to be a total six year-old boy about it but, WOW!

So which do I choose? I can tell you my actual wedding ring budget is about £150..eep! BUUUUT, I have been told I can have something a little nicer if I want? I just know it will cause us some debt if I do..Do I really NEED a posh and spensives ring??arrgh?! help meeee!


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  1. Erm a ring that glows in the dark?! For REALS?! Mine.

    I love love love your engagement ring, and actually most of the rings in this post. I'm more of a fan of something a little more different as opposed to the standard H Samuel type of ring. Love the idea of having a 2nd hand one in fact.

    Good luck in your search!