Thursday, 12 January 2012

Crochet Window Warmer

The past few days I have been at home taking extra special care of dear Baby F. He had a tick bite which has become infected and he is really quite poorly :(
Due to how poorly he feels he is spending eight or more hours a day asleep or being sick. This has meant I haven't wanted to leave his side.

To pass this worrying time I have had him tucked up in his buggy next to me on the sofa and I have been quietly crocheting away next to him, working on a little project I have had in mind for ages.

In our front window we have a fairly wide ledge. We always end up sitting next to the window and putting our cups of tea on the ledge and it gets all grotty and tea-stained. Not nice. Also, all the candles we have up there burning have left marks. This has been bugging me for about six months, I am forever cleaning the ledge and it is never quite clean!

After thinking again, how much I can't stand it, I finally gave in. So the day before yesterday I decided I would measure the area in question and come up with a 'crochet window warmer' A kind of giant coaster to make the ledge more colourful and keep it clean. I chose some blues and greens to bring the outside in.

I got the measurements and began making my granny chain.
Then took it over to the window for a quick check - just to make sure it fit.
It did.
A bit wibbly, but ok so far.

And a few more rows..
Until eventually it was finished!
I took it over to the window and laid it all out, decided it could look a little happier really but that could also be because it is a horrible dull day.
I'm quite pleased with my funny little creation.
It's helped to cheer up a very boring old window.


  1. Ha that's a great idea, I really like it. I need to start looking for spaces in my house that could just be covered randomly with crocheted things!

    (PS My inner brat totally tells your inner brat to just BUY THINGS.)

  2. I think you should make crochet things for every space possible. I am fairly sure that this house will end up like one giant crochet padded cell sooner or later!

    (My inner brat says..tell your inner brat she is buying things. Even now, she is rifling through Ebay touching everything with her filthy paws!)