Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The 12 dates of 2012

And so, as mentioned previously. L and I finally got around to making our plan for our 12 dates of 2012..and here they are:

1 - January - Visit Pitt Rivers Museum and mooch around Oxford.
I have been to Pitt Rivers twice before and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the weird and wonderful. It has been modernised since I was there last and I feel it's time to see the shrunken heads in their new home!

2 - February - National Trust Avebury.
After seeing the BBC programme 'The Manor Reborn' I fell in love with the building it featured. A beautiful old house slowly came to life in front of my eyes and the way in which it was done was just so magical I couldn't resist, I was sucked in..and of course, I wanted to go. So instead of doing my usual, saying I would go then not go, I have decided that actually, I WILL go. And I will report back, later in the year. I am sure the 1930s room will be amazing and probably lighter of a few chairs once I have been - just kidding! (sort of)
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3 - MarchWatch some traditional cricket on a nice day in an old-fashioned way.
L and I don't exactly love cricket but there is something nice about just sitting down in an old park and watching the calm cricket, hearing the ripples of polite clapping around you and of course the wicker picnic hamper with yummo sandwiches and drinks inside. Also it gives me an excuse to go out and buy said hamper and bits to go with. Yes! This should be great for a nice day of lolling about  in the sunshine, or laying in the shade on a cosy tartan blanket under a tree.
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4 -April - Visit L's Papa's memorial plaque at RHS Wisley.
My other half, L..was very much admiring of his Papa (that's his grandad to you and me) and his Papa was very much admiring of gardens and gardening. And I am very much admiring of L, the memory of his Papa and gardens and gardening - although I am rubbish at it. When L's papa sadly passed away, a plaque was put up in the gardens of RHS Wisley for remembrance. L and I have been together for four years and he has been to visit the plaque many times but I have never been. This is the year I will go and visit both Papa's plaque and the garden itself. And I hope that some of Papa's love of gardens and gardening passes on to us once we have visited.
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5 - May - Stay in a famous haunted location to see if it's true or false for ourselves.
L and I are on different sides of the fence when it comes to the world of ghosts. As a little girl I had a few weird experiences, saw a few things and always had a knack for knowing things before they happen etc, as an adult. As a result I have always been afraid of the spirit world (if there is such a thing) but sort-of fascinated and wanted to know all there is about it.
L is the opposite. He grew up in an environment where if you believe in ghosts you were nuts and OF COURSE there aren't ghosts. So he grew up scared of the dark and horror movies and ghosts were a figment of your imagination. So a few years ago we went to Edinburgh and I took L on a Mercat Tour down to the underground city of Edinburgh (which was amazing)..if you haven't been or you know nothing about it then please check out this link above. Also this one: Mary King's Close  And, if you can, go!! so worth it..anyway, I digress, when we were there I was ok, bit shaky but L kept hearing things and acting shifty, turning around a lot etc, and when the group reached the end of the tour we were all talking when suddenly we heard footsteps on gravel (floor was solid in that area) and then it began walking towards us (the sound)we all heard it, L heard it first and L belived! - just for a second. By the time we got home L had found a hundred reasons for it to be something else and so there and then I decided that one day we would go and find somewhere famously haunted and spend the night.. just to see what would happen..any recommendations?

6 - June - Go camping in the new forest.
I am not the greatest fan of camping but I feel like it could be something lovely to do together and perhaps just the kind of summery break we could do with. L's birthday is in June so I am thinking I might make a thing out of it and invite some other folk.

7 - July - Watch some open air Shakespeare.
L and I love a bit of Shakespeare..yum. Where we used to live there is often open-air Shakespeare. Tickets often sell out fast but this year I am going to get us in! Y'see.

8 - August - Go and find a basking shark.
As L and I were originally going to get married in August we booked our honeymoon then. Now our date has moved we have to wait AGES before we sail off to the Isles of Scilly, where we are hopefully going to find a basking shark called Dave or Bert or Cynthia..I will not be happy until we do :P
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9 - September - Take a trip to Portsmouth to see HMS Victory.
History! I love it. L hasn't been here yet and he is keen to, hence his suggestion to go! I have been but when I was about ten. Portsmouth may not be the most glam place but it does have such lovely things to see and do. I am really looking forward to this one.

10 - October - Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum
Oh Vicky and Al, so in love, so ahead of their time. A wonderful collection of goods that I have yet to see. Not sure why I have never been but it's now on the list. I do hate visiting London. London itself is a fascinating place but I find it big and scary and, myself small and afraid when there. Not very brave but I don't much care for rushing about in a hurry amidst giant buildings and angry thanks ratrace.

11 - November - Go and watch some dancing.
Ahh, this is one I had to just give in to. Dancing really isn't me but L has fallen head over (dancing) heels for it over the last few years. I guess its a case of it being more in the public eye on shows like Strictly, that cause manly menfolk like L to soften and daydream about having a slinky wiggly lady to spin about the dancefloor. Sorry L, you're stuck with this old clot (but I'll humour him) Actually I think it will make a really nice night out together. So, I have given in to his suggestion and we shall go and see some dancing and have a lovely time, even if we aren't slinky and wiggly.
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12 - December - Watch Admiral Fallow live - wherever they may be!
A band we both fell in love with the year before last but have never seen. We love to go and see bands together and although this is filed under December, we will go whenever they tour next. Even if we have to go to Scotland to do it! I love Scotland so this is ok!
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And that's your lot! Phew, I feel tired just writing about it. good job we've a month to prepare for each one! x

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