Saturday, 7 January 2012


Today is good because L, my dad and Baby F's older brother have gone to watch some football, so Baby F and I have a whole day of freedom.. and this is what I we did!

I finally finished my red bobble scarf that I had been working on slowly. It is based on this pretty white baby blanket I photographed on Boxing Day (see pic above)
And I like it -  please ignore my very un-made face. PALE!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The light looked pretty in my lounge
So Baby F and I decided to go outside for a walk.

It was lovely and spring-like outside. The sun was low but it shone nicely through the trees for us. I was surprised to see lots of bulbs coming up from the ground and many buds ready to spring forth from the branches of trees.
Baby F and I went a-walking to Waitrose (our only local shop) and we decided it would only be right, seeing as we had been left alone, to spoil ourselves with plant pots full of fresh herbs (Basil and Thyme) which smell delicious.
We may also have bought a new Cath Kidston mug to fill with hot black tea and drink from the minute we got in (after we had impatiently waited for the kettle to boil)

We definitely bought some pretty spring flowers to put in our window to look at each day - we like flowers in the house :)

(When I say WE spoiled ourselves, I probably mean I spoilt myself..shhh)

I also spent lots of time admiring Baby F's sweet curly hair that shoots wildly about the place from behind his tiny ears.. Can you believe this tiny blondie has got the darkest chocolate-brown eyes you could possibly imagine? He is such a magical boy, I love him so much!
Well I guess I ought to go and get on with making a roastie dinner for those hungry football-mad boys. Happy weekend to you all. xx

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