Monday, 2 January 2012

Projects of 2012

A little while back I mentioned I was going to spend a little bit of my time in 2012 taking part in some projects.

One project was Project365 and the other was Leafcutter Desgins - Sky Scarf Project.

Leafcutter Designs - Sky Scarf Project
After much planning and plotting I eventually decided I would opt out of the scarf as, as much as I like everyone elses scarves, I'll probably not wear mine so instead I'm going to knit a square a day and after 365 days, I am going to give my eldest son the blanket as a gift. He loves everything I make and I will feel good giving it to him as a nice unusual gift. So today I begin, the sky has been a hundred different colours and I can't think which ones it has been the longest. I think I am going to pick a certain time of day and then write it down and knit it later. That way it is a fair experiment.

Project 365 has been going on for ages, I am very much a late arrival in the club but I am loving it so far. Even though most of my day-to-day life is pretty dull, I still enjoy taking the picture each day and putting some thought in to the things I see around me.

I am going to be keeping track of both of these projects in my Flickr - If you want to track my progress and see my boring old photos then you can find them here!

*update - it (the sky blanket) is crochet now - obviously*

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