Thursday, 5 January 2012

Crochet bunting for ugly bare walls.

Hello there,

Happy horrid day. I have been a bit down in the dumps in all this rubbish weather the past three days. The UK has been utterly battered by storms and it has left us all a bit glum. On the walk to school today (recycling bin day) All the tins and card were blown all over the streets and gardens. The local dentist sign had been blown all the way over two roads into the park and bins were upturned everywhere we went along the journey. It looks vile.

During this awul weather I have managed to get out and plant some hollyhocks
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which should grow and cheer up the front garden by summer..I also planted out the Christmas tree and cleaned the whole house. But I still couldn't shift the grizzly blues, then I came accross this lovely idea on the beautiful blog that is Crochet With Raymond

Crochet Bunting!

What a lovely idea.. see how wonderful Alice ( blog owner of Crochet With Raymond) has made her bunting.

(I don't want to put Alice's pictures here without her permission so please follow the links to her website to see allllll of her wonderous patterns, blogs and pictures)

I wasn't sure I could follow the pattern very well but I have given it a go anyway. So Small-Fry and I sat down on the sofa and we began to talk colours (well, he licked his paws and I thought about colours)

Now my lounge is teal and white so anything in the blues/greens looks pretty bold next to the (what will be) white walls on the side of the chimney breast.
After a while of digging through my scraps of yarn left over from other projects I found this little bundle

In my lounge I have this horrid bare spot where we have been treating the wall for damp. The previous owners planted a tree right next to the house (fail) which smashed our edwardian drains to bits before dying and causing all the water from the down-pipe that runs from our roof and our neighbours to run into the ground next to our house. I think it must have been that way for about twenty or more years judging by the size of the root ball L dug out!!

Due to the drain pipe/drain debacle the damp inside our house on that wall was just unbearable, two inch thick bluey/grey/black mould that I would have to scrub off with sugar soap every couple of weeks and put the dehumidifier next to daily, just awful.
Last weekend my brother had the genius idea that instead of paying thousands we don't have to have the drains dug out and repaired, we put a water butt under the down-pipe and use the rain water for the garden!! YES! So L got the spare water butt that was out in the back garden and put it under the down-pipe and ran an overflow pipe out into the flower bed. Now we have a dry area where the wet area used to be but the wall inside is going to need to breathe and dry out until summer in the meantime we are left with this

(excuse the CBeebies on tv, baby F is mad for it!) awful looking wall - the half white bit is the part we have treated for damp already, and thankfully that has dried out and no more mould BUT the green is still to be treated. We had to strip the wall right back to let it breathe and it is just so ugly, it has 1980s graffitti all over it which is far from pretty, believe me (who does that?! bleurgh) 
We can't WAIT to paint over it. And I hate the high plug sockets..grumble grumble's on the list. The VERY long list of things to change/fix/remove/repair.

Annnnnywayyy, back to what I wanted to talk about...So, I hooked and hooked, round and round..I spoke to L and asked him if he is ready to go mad yet, what with me slowly covering the entire house with my crochet creations?!. He told me he loved it and so I carried on - I think I would've carried on anyway really - sorry L! And when he got home I presented him with what I had made so far

And he liked it very much and helped me measure out the amount I would need - ten.

So today I am left with six more to do before the end of the Think it is time to put the kettle on and get one in before lunch.

Also, can anyone tell me how long you have to wait to get on to Pinterest?? I have been waiting so long and am eager to explore its wonderful worlds..sigh

Bye for now.xx


  1. Hello
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, really nice to meet you and see your lovely blog. Your crochet bunting is coming on a real treat,beautiful colours. Do let Alice know about your completed make she would love that I'm sure xox

  2. Hello there :)

    I absolutely love your blog, always pop by. It always makes me smile, it is nice to meet you and have you comment on my blog - thank you! I have just finished the crochet bunting this morning. I have to just make a chain, then hang them. After that I will photograph them and put them in a little blog here...I shall send a link to Alice once they are done. Thanks for your lovely words. Nelly xx