Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Crochet Flower Cushion.

And so it began, on Monday morning this little beauty arrived at the door.
I'd already bought a small round feather cushion and had been waiting patiently for my yarn to show up. I decided on Stylecraft extra as it is affordable and always makes up nicely - it's nice and soft and comes in loads of yummy colours. Oh I was excited..this is the most patient I have been about anything in ages.

I chose 15 different colours.
Raspberry, Claret, Emperor, Teal, Grey, Aspen, Pomegranite, Turquoise, Shrimp, Sunshine, Bright Green (mistake) Parchment, Pale Rose, Burgundy and Meadow.

Bright Green turned out to be a huge mistake, it was luminous, like highlighter green - YUK. I remember owning a pair of cycling shorts in the 80s that had stripes this colour down the side of each leg, truly vile. I am hanging my head in shame at the choice of bright green wool and bright green shorts - although, to be fair, I was about 7 at the time.
Anyway...The rest of the yarn was just dreamy and although the colours aren't my usual choice, what with it being very pink-heavy, I was mostly really pleased with my pretty new yarn and I carefully stacked it, stared at it and began to formulate a plan about which order the colours would go in for my new round cushion cover.

As you may have noticed by now, I am hugely inspired by the Attic24 blog. Lucy of Attic24 has a wonderful blog full of instructions of how to make her 'Blooming Flower Cushion'
I love it, every time I see it I think how colourful and fun it looks, how completely silly and lovely the style is. So I decided I would make one for my awful chair in the lounge..I would photograph it today and show you but I am saving it for my 'tahh-dahh' post.

So after I had planned my colours I phtographed them for my own reference and began. Lucy always seems to make things sound/look so easy but so far I have found the pattern a touch fiddly and have somehow managed to add some extra stitches in without meaning to, but it still works and is looking ok..
and so it began..
Slowly I go, round and round..
And this is as far as I have got so far - it's about half way round..I am annoyed at how rubbish the colours have come out in these photographs, they are SO far off the real colours it's silly - for example, that fourth colour in is teal. I guess I'll have to try harder in my next post to get the true colours but for now you get the idea. I am also not enjoying how curly the petals are. I am guessing because the yarn has no wool content, blocking the cushion probably wont work so I might go with a light pressing to just keep the petals a little flatter?

Moaning aside, I am fairly pleased with its progress so far. With each colour I add the vibrancy seems to become even stronger, which I like..so hopefully it will end up making the dowdy old chair look excellent...hopefully! And Baby F LOVES it..every time I show it to him he just grins and holds his little arms out to touch it, so cute.

In other news I have L's entire family plus my dad coming to our house for Christmas, now aside from the fact that L has a huge family and we have a fairly small house, we also have a small amount of seating. So I was walking about the local chairty shops the other day and found a HUGE brand new Ikea floor cushion, still in the wrapping for £2.49 - perfect for little kiddies bottoms to sit on. So I bought it and now have until Christmas eve to knit/crochet it a cover (will blog it later) finish my mother-in-law's crochet lampshade (will blog that later) and do the rest of the wrapping, tidy the house and somehow fit in a first birthday party for Baby F two days before Christmas (wont blog those for your sanity)

Right, I am off to do more round and rounds..have a nice December 20th, wont you!x


  1. Ooooh I LOVE yarn deliveries! It's like getting a parcel from some unknown benefactor, then you see the invoice and remember you paid for it :). Love the flower cushion so far, I am also an enormous fan of Attic24 like a lot of people. Cant wait to see it finished!

  2. Thank you! :) I have the house to myself today so I shall put a but more effort into it..hopefully I will finish it soon! The back is going to be like the round cushion you are working on. I fell in love with Little Tin Bird's round cushion too..between her and Lucy they have me making things all over the place. I am totally addicted to both blogs...and to yarn deliveries too. Yummy :D