Monday, 12 December 2011

The finished article.

Happy 12th December everyone..not long to go now! I still haven't got the Christmas spirit going..even after watching Elf last night. The sun is positively blazing outside and it was warm enough to walk to school in a cardigan..still no coat. Will it ever feel like winter?

So the weekend has flown by and I finally managed to get the cushion finished...I'm fairly pleased with it, although the colours are not bright and poppy, they do work fairly well with my new beautiful cushion and it means I now only have four more cushion covers to make for my new sofas - a fine excuse for more wool purchasing and crochet time. Lovely.

Here it is, my very first crochet cushion (no laughing now!)

Although I have been able to crochet for a short while, I still havent managed to learn how to join as I go along so my edges arent as neat and tidy as they could be and the back looks like this! Oops :S

But the front isn't too bad and thankfully the feather pad fits nicely inside and so the stiches joining each square dont show too much (phew)

To make the back envelope part of the cushion I junked an old charity shop jumper I'd only worn once and didn't like much. It was 40% angora so you can imagine how nice it feels and I am so glad I did junk it as there was loads of it left over (it was a  knee-length cardigan) and what I haven't used for the cushion I am now going to turn into fleece-lined handwarmers - yum! Please excuse the crappy blanket stitch button holes..they look better in person (probably)

So what do you think?

I can probably do better with a little more practise..however, next cushion is going to be based on this pattern here
I love how scatty and tactile it looks. Apparently the pattern dates back from the 1940s, this pleases me as I love old fashioned patterns.

Not so long ago I got an arm chair from an older lady on Freecycle. It was part of a 1930s 3-piece suite and because it didn't have the modern fire safety labels she couldn't donate it to our local community furniture donation I, loving all things from this era, offered just one of the chairs a home, it was all I could really allow myself to have. I would have taken the entire suite but the weekend before I had donated my 3 piece suite to the community furniture donation scheme and bought myself two Ikea Klippans (my old suite was massive and Klippans are tiny!) so I had no excuse, no room and no space in my tiny car to transport said 30s suite should I change my silly mind!

Anyway, babbling aside, the chair was re-covered decades ago and it has this ugly stain where someone's head has been and it is quite gross actually (the cover not the chair) definitely needs re-upholstering at some point (which I can not do or afford) so, for now, the best option is a new crochet 40s flower pillow (see above) and a throw of some sort, not sure what yet? possibly Witney wool? Actually this deserves its own boring chair-related blog - I will write it another day.

'The better-making of the Chair of doom'

(nice use of the English language there)

So.. a new day, a new project?

I still have one glove (why is making the first one so much fun and the second such a drag?)  Half a knitted rabbit and a scarf left to make before Christmas day and have the motivation of a Sloth. So I had better get on. Ta-ta for now.x

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