Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter Log Cabin Floor Cushion.

In my last post I mentioned that I had found a really rather bargainous Ikea floor cushion, still vacum packed in a local charity shop for £2.49.

I was so tempted by it that I actually went against my better judgement and bought it anyway, even though I had soaking wet feet, bright red icy hands and happened to be walking to school (the school journey is a four mile round-trip) in the middle of a blazing thunder storm..not cool.

After handing over my money, the lady behind the counter passed me the giant cushion. It was so big in my arms I couldn't see over it, what was she thinking?? Was it perhaps that I might grow a second pair of arms to carry it whilst using the other set to push the buggy? Or that perhaps the arms I already had to push the buggy with might be able to grow extraordinarily long and also carry a cushion half the size of me in a kind of go-go Gadget arms kind of a way?! Hrm?
So, bearing this in mind, I said ''May I have a bag please?'' She looked at me as if I were mental then came back with a black bin bag (no handles - still can't carry it)  I decided at that point that if I didn't leave then I might either implode, my head might spin round in circles whilst I screamed and screamed OR I'd be so late to school that Baby F's big brother might be stolen by wolves, and he'd have to live like Mowgli in the woods.. so, I legged it back into the storm, after first having to tie the cushion/bag (it was over flowing out of a black bin bag) to the buggy, which left me having to walk/run rather a lot to one side of the buggy like some kind of crazy bin bag-weilding lunatic crab in the pouring matter, it was worth it. Baby F's brother wasn't even out of class yet and the wolves were in the process of collecting another child.

When I finally got home, drenched and exhausted from  my crab-like walk. I began to have various visions of how to cover the giant floor cushion, would it be chunky knit cable? No, too obvious. Would it be knitted hexagons..too fiddly. No..

I pondered a while longer, made a cup of tea, baked some shortbread and then, whilst munching said shortbread, I remembered a lovely blog I had read featuring a gorgeous log cabin..I quickly Googled 'Log Cabin' and scrolled through the pictures - there is was

The colours are just gorgeous..the way they are subtle but bright..

ok, so I know I wont be able to make it as pretty as that as all of my yarns are heavy and bold, and no matter how hard I try I can't make anything look that neat or tidy, but I gave it a go..

I began to knit the log cabin but the more it grew, the more unhappy I was with it. This is a large cushion that will need something a little stronger than a garter I unravelled it and began to brain storm, after a while and a few more storms, I decided to try and crochet it. Something I have never done before. A crochet log cabin. I had no idea how it would turn out but I just went for it.

It was so pleasing to see how quickly it grew. Now I am always going to be (first and foremost) a knitter, but I have fallen so madly in love with crochet, the speed and rewardingyness (that is a word, honest) of it. Just love it. Please excuse the stupid cruddyness of the photo, my camera died in the summer, some beach/sand related incident... and so I am left with camera phone, it doesn't like the light or dark or working in general.  And so the colours are (yet again) miles off what they really look like, so frustrating. Will buy new camera one day.
(still not a good photo)

And it grew, and a few hours later it really had I have just a few more logs to put in and it will be done (will tahhdahh in another post)
YEY! this is about right for the colours, isn't spot on but much closer than before.

And so I begin another crochety day. Really looking forward to finishing it. I have decided to use an old jumper to make the cushion back as it worked so well when making my little crochet cushion

A few other things I am looking forward to starting are:

Project 365 - Going to begin tomorrow so I get Baby F's first and second birthday in it and this Christmas.

The Sky Scarf Knitting Project - which I found out about after reading this beautiful blog (which I love) Concept knitting is so right up my street, it's like prog with wool. Awesome.

The 12 Dates of the year - L and I never get any time to do anything together what with him working miles away and being in a band and me being absorbed with being mum and getting the boys to bed and school etc, doing sales most weekends and other time consuming bits and bobs. All of our time seems to just filter away and by the time we get to sit down at night we are so tired there is no time left for us..bit rubbish really. So I decided that things have to change..and that is how the 12 dates of the year were born. We each write 6 date ideas down, nothing crap and usual like the cinema or going for a walk. But fun and new things..then, we put the ideas in envelopes and open them, one a month, taking it in turns to open each others envelopes. I am hoping this will give us some fun times and excellent memories. I think having a baby is such a wonderful experience but it can make you forget to tresure one another at times and that can never be a good thing. So things will change.

Anyway, enough blathering from me. I've a log cabin to make. See you later, ta-ta x

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